We enable brands to create meaningful customer relationships through digital marketing and outstanding technology.

In a nutshell

We believe that developing meaningful relationships is the key to attracting and keeping loyal clients. For that, we developed a relationship platform that helps brands stay close to their customers by delivering a relevant cross-channel experience and completed it with lead generation strategies, creative content and digital storytelling.

Expremio was founded and funded by Bit Soft, the sole Oracle Micros integrator on the Romanian HORECA market.

The current version of our loyalty platform has accounted 14 mio EUR worth of transactions and 600 000 transactions in 2014 alone, with the current version being only a foot in the door of what we plan to do.

We also create digital marketing strategies through lead generation, content creation, digital media, web development and email marketing in order to boost clients acquisition and maintain loyalty.

Some think marketing is just a way of selling more and making profit. We believe marketing is a way of creating value at both ends, of developing meaningful relationships and, in the end, live a better life. Some think that technology is just a way of manipulating customers` perceptions in order to sell more.

We believe technology should be an enabler to a more meaningful life, without restricting the freedom of its stakeholders.


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